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These are my mountains, these are my rivers.

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Hui this week with Minister Finlayson

2:37 AM, Mar 24 2014

The initialing of a Draft Deed for Te Awa Tupua, Whanganui River Settlement is scheduled for Wednesday, 26th March 2014 at 3.30 pm at Parliament.

HUI - this week with Minister Finlayson

This week we meet with the Minister Finlayson on the 27th to appraise him of our talks for the Kahui Maunga.

We also have a meeting with Finlayson on the 28th of March to discuss progress with the Whanganui LNG's. 

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Our Ngapuhi whanau fighting the same battle

Your voice


I am one of many! I love my family from Raetahi/Wanganui O Te Ao! A people I grew to love and respect from childhood. They are kind, they are smart, they are important! For too long have we been trampled upon, stood back and let others tell us to be quiet! At the passing of my father, I heard many a "strong arm" in the defense of our tupuna. The fight for what was wrongfully taken from them, in times when the "English" language was not understood and interpretation had different meanings, where "you pay your bill/debt" in English, meant, you owe taxes, pay or we'll (the Crown) confiscate your land! We have shared our rivers, our mountains, our resources, and now it is time to share our voice :) I am one! One of many! Be one of the empowering descendants of Uenuku! Stand up and be heard! Share your voice and know where you're from! This is our time, our future, our children's future...lets create a better future for them.

Name: Kahu Takarangi

Teenaa koutou Uenuku, I am extremely pleased that Uenuku is challenging the fat cat 'leader' of the people of the awa and his cronies regarding their mistaken idea that they have overall say on all kaupapa pertaining to the Wainuiarua and it's wellbeing. I agree with everything that Isiaha has said about them and I am one who will stand with you all and challenge the fat cat and his kuupapa faction. What the fat cat and his cronies don't realise (or maybe they do) is that through their 'reptilian' behaviour, they are the main cause of all the problems regarding the ill-health and poverty of the Awa Tipua and the impact this has on the tangata, whaanau and hapuu that live on its banks. Exclusion, selective dissemination of information to outright lies, legislation, paakehaa processes and kuupapatanga are their main weapons. I look forward to the coming war with these idiots. I look forward to seeing them answer for their actions. I look forward to every opportunity I get to challenge their reprehensible behaviour. I look forward to their demise. KIA KAHA, KIA MAIA, KIA UU! naa Kahu Takarangi